What is this place?

Snapshot Reunion is an ever-growing photo database by family historians for family historians. 

What is the point?

The main point is to connect family researchers with lost photos of ancestors. And to save the photos that would otherwise languish in the hands of people who have no personal connection to the photo.  

Also, even if you don't care about genealogy or don't see any of the surnames you're looking for, old photos are neato!

When was it started?

The first week of September, 2016. So very, very recently.

How often is it Updated?

Generally, there will be at least one new surname added every day. 

OMG! I think that's my great grandmother. Can I get buy the original?

Here is a link to our Etsy Store. Only a small percentage of the photos are listed there, but we are putting more up all the time. If you are interested in a specific one that has not yet been listed for sale, please write and let us know. We will set up a listing. These photos belong in your family album, and we want you to have them!

Can I add my old family photos to the database to help any potential third Cousins fifteen times removed who may be researching my family?

That is definitely a goal, but we're not quite sure how it will work yet. If you are interested in submitting family photos, contact us, and we will make that process a priority.

How can I contact you?

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