Roslyn Historical Society Museum - Part 1

This is the first of several posts featuring the Roslyn Historical Society Museum in Roslyn, Washington. Probably best known for being the filming location of Northern Exposure, and more recently, The Man in the High Castle, Roslyn used to be a coal town. Next door to the small (but chock full) local history museum, is The Roslyn Cafe (featured in the opening credits of Northern Exposure), which serves good food (their Singapore Noodle Salad is delish, and if you are a fan of skinny fries, they do them perfectly!), and just up the hill is a series of old cemeteries that are quite fun to wander after lunch. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon if you're ever in the area.

John Buffo

First Graduating Class from Roslyn High (1909):

Lilburn Wiley, Mary Bevlaqu, Helen Newstrum, Myrtle Whitehouse

Fred Ruppert

John Blazina and Family

Mrs. Giono, Giolitta "Jean" Camerlo Pasin, Anne Bogachus (Katcher)

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